About us

We are the only association in Lublin voivodenship that works towards LGBT+ people. We are doing our best to ensure that Lublin is a rainbow and friendly town everyday, not only during our equality marches.

Organization status

The detailed principles of operation of our association and the status objectives are located in the attached status.


Our main objective is to not only work towards the legal and actual equality of people regardless of their psychosexual orientation and gender identity, but also towards actions aiding the development of democracy and civic society. 

In our actions we follow the rules such as: 


We do not assist any political group. We support all the candidates including the needs of LGBT+ community in their programs. 


We converse with all the groups and people who are willing to talk with us - we provide knowledge and suggestions of feasible, verified solutions oriented towards the LGBT+ community. 


Members of Equality March in Lublin Association do not apply for any political position on the behalf of any party. The association does not accept any money from political groups. 

Our Team


Alicja Sienkiewicz


Honorata Sadurska

Adrianna Kurek

Audit Committee

Mirosława Joannna Marzec

Krzysztof Korpiela

Daria Majewska


Beata Somerschaf

Przemysław Stefaniak

Kazimierz Strzelec

Ola Truchan

Dominika Nowak

Paweł Wesołowski

Jola Prochowicz

Michał Rachwalski

Zyt Twardowska

Hubert Kulesza

Tomasz Wdowiak

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