For the sake of safety of the data provided we developed the internal procedures and recommendations which are meant to prevent from sharing the data to unauthorized people. We control their execution and constantly check their integrity with the appropriate legal acts - Personal Data Protection Act, Act on Rendering Electronic Services and executive acts and community law acts of any kind. 

  1. Personal Data are processed on the basis of consent given by the User and in cases enabling the Administrator to process the personal data based on the law regulations or in order to execute the agreement set between the parties. 

    1. The data provided in the form are processed due to the function of particular form, eg. in order to execute the process of servicing the information contact. 

    2. Data included in the form can be viewed by a natural person who put it there. Said person also has a right to modify and cease their data processing at any time.

  2. We reserve the law to change the privacy security policies of the service that can be influenced by development of Internet technology, possible law changes in the area of personal data policy and the development of our Internet service. We will inform about any changes in a visible and comprehensible way.

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