We're proud to have been making history for the past few months. It's the first time LGBT rights are discussed locally in the media and by politicians. Although the atmosphere is somewhat hostile and the way in which it is done leave a lot to be desired, it is a good starting point and we're doing our best to make the most of it. Keep your fingers crossed. We need all the support out there!
"Love is love"

The centre of Świdnik, a town in Eastern Poland, has witnessed the appearance of a rainbow billboard featuring the “Love is love” (Miłość to miłość in Polish) caption, which will remain there for the two coming weeks. This is one of the busiest places in the town.

This way we intend to protest against the most recent activity of some city counsellors who have passed a resolution calling for ceasing the “LGBT ideology”. We wish to show that love is love and the region should be friendly for all citizens without any exceptions. This grassroots initiative was financed through a fundraiser organised on Pomagam.pl. As 150EUR suffices to have the banner up for two weeks in a row, we initially intended to collect 500 EUR. However, it quickly turned out that we were able to raise much more – in sum, the donors trusted us with as much as 900 EUR! This not only boosted our morale and encouraged us to pursue further bold activities, it also will enable us to put up many more billboards in the Lublin region.

Our initiative, sadly, has been met with a hostile response from the right-wing quarters who put up a competing portable banner depicting two half-naked men, most probably attending an equality parade, accompanied by the following words: “Is this love?”.

- When I learned that a group of activists wanted to hang portable banners, I was happy to be part of it – said Radosław Brzózka, province governor’s proxy for educational development and a district counsellor for Świdnik, in a recent interview. – it is a warning, if LGBT ideologues manage to push through their demands […] there will be people flaunting their sexuality in vulgar ways.
Lublin Regional Assembly on fight with "LGBT ideology"
The official stance regarding the introduction of the LGBT ideology to local government communities is a document which contains lies, manipulation, and which aims to turn the society against LGBT people. We are rightful residents of the voivodeship, we are not ideology. It is incomprehensible that in the year 2019 local government bodies take an official stance which openly discriminates against their own people.
It is not true that the postulates of LGBT communities violate any rights or liberties guaranteed in acts of international law or the Constitution. On the contrary – these postulates are rooted in i.a. the European Convention on Human Rights, and the Polish Constitution, according to which everyone is equal before the law, everyone has the right to be treated equally by public authorities, and no one can be discriminated in the political, social, and economic life for any reason – that is guaranteed by the Constitution in Article 32.
Despite that, the Lublin local government took an official stance today against LGBT people, and thus showed their arrogance, ignorance and homophobia. Present in the assembly was also the Lublin voivode, who said that he would present the chairperson of the assembly with a special decoration for defending family values.
The official stance of the Lublin Regional Assembly regarding the introduction of the LGBT ideology to local government communities

The Lublin Regional Assembly expresses their opposition against the actions intended to promote the ideology of LGBT movements that have been occurring in the public sphere. The aims of this ideology violate the basic rights and liberties guaranteed in acts of international law, contest the values protected by the Polish Constitution, as well as interfere in the autonomy of religious communities.
Recent actions undertaken by representatives of the national as well as local political scene are aimed at causing fundamental changes in social life. These actions are intended to annihilate the values shaped by the Catholic Church, such as: pursuit of the truth, concern for moral development of the young generation, concern over the institution of family and a school based on Christian principles.
Therefore, having a person’s and a family’s best interest in mind, we declare that:
- We shall defend our schools and our families against the spread of ideology which stands in opposition to Christian values;
- We shall not allow to introduce the elements of sexual education based on WHO standards into the Polish system of education;
- We shall not allow for officers of political correctness (the so-called ‘lighthouse keepers) to be installed in schools as it stands in conflict with the law and the good of our children;
- We shall not allow exerting administrative pressure to comply with political correctness (rightly referred to as homopropaganda) in selected professions (teachers, scientists, businessmen, lawyers).
- We declare that the Lublin Regional Assembly, in realising their public duties, shall always be faithful to the national and state tradition, remembering the millennial tradition of Christianity in Poland and the centuries-old commitment of Polish people to freedom.
We prepared analysis that was forwarded to Lublin Regional Assembly. We also took voice in a debate and that was widely shared in social media. Sadly the stance has been accepted. 
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